ACPI autoload failed: no such file or directory

takawata at takawata at
Mon Aug 9 19:56:06 PDT 2004

In message <41183662.4010802 at>, Martin MATO wrote:
>since several days;  i ' got this message before the kernel load (not 
>easy to see that, is not include in the logs)
>ACPI autoload failed: no such file or directory
>after the boot process, i logged in and try this command
>#kldload acpi.ko
>kldload: can't load usb.ko: No such file or directory
>#kldload /boot/kernel/acpi.ko
>in this case the system try to load the module and, of course,  it can't.

You cannot load acpi.ko from userland.

>- the acpi.ko file is present in /boot/kernel
>- i didn't changed anything ,  except  a fresh  kernel build
>- kldload works with other modules in this directory.
>anyone could explain this.. strange thing?

Hmm, how about trying to escape to boot loader prompt and 
load acpi module manually ?

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