Need help: buildworld for CURRENT while under STABLE is not working

Barry Bouwsma freebsd-misuser at
Sun Aug 8 10:30:33 PDT 2004

[keep replies to the list and I'll catch up later, thanks]

> > make buildworld -DDESTDIR=/ad1 while booted from STABLE and I keep getting the 
> > following error

> Do you get the same error if you run `make buildworld' without
> -DDESTDIR=/ad1 ?

I get the same error (new, since a successful build or at least
a build way past that point, several days ago).

<stdint.h> is not present in my -stable.  I'm able to work around
this requirement in the newly-updated bsnmp by adding the following
dirty hack:

--- /stand/obj/hacks/FreeBSD-CURRENT-src/source-hacks/tools/build/Makefile-ORIG	Mon Mar  1 18:47:38 2004
+++ /stand/obj/hacks/FreeBSD-CURRENT-src/source-hacks/tools/build/Makefile	Sun Aug  8 18:32:44 2004
@@ -63,6 +63,11 @@
 INCS+=		regex.h
+### HACK  -stable crossbuilds (at least mine) don't have <stdint.h>
+.if !exists(/usr/include/stdint.h)
+INCS+=		stdint.h
 .if empty(SRCS)
 SRCS=		dummy.c

(shoot me if it's /usr/include/something/stdint.h; I don't have a
successful build for any OS in front of me.  anyway...)

For -stable, the mere presence of this file is enough to make the
build progress past this point.  Attempting to create a useful
stdint.h file in tools/build didn't quite do the job, so I took
the easy way out.

Of course someone who knows what they're doing can properly
unbreak crossbuilds on -stable; I can do little more than a hack.

(whether my build breaks further down the line, time will tell,
my machine is slow and old, like me)

barry bouwsma

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