"BTX Halted" on Toshiba Portege 3010

Roland van Laar the_mip_rvl at myrealbox.com
Sun Aug 8 07:09:54 PDT 2004

Mike wrote:

>Taking a hard drive from a working install of almost -current
>and placing it into the Portege 3010 shows a dump of reg
>values and the message "BTX Halted".  This happens shortly
>after typing /boot/loader <enter> at the boot: prompt;
>moments later the machine reboots.
>Googling points at playing with DMA/PIO options in the BIOS
>until the message goes away - there are no such options in
>the Portege's BIOS, but I've pretty much tweaked every
>setting that there is, and the results are exactly the same.
>I've also found some posts of freebsd 3.x supposedly working
>with this machine.  So...  was something broken along the
>way, was support removed, or is there something I am missing
>which will allow me to boot this machine into 5-current?
I had a 3020 which died 2 months ago, haven't had a current on it since 
februari, so
at least 5.2.1 should work fine.



ps. This is more an e-mail for mobile@

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