USB drivers

Darren Pilgrim dmp at
Sat Aug 7 15:13:05 PDT 2004

> From: M. Warner Losh [mailto:imp at] 
> In message: <000001c47cb8$8ef1bb50$142a15ac at spud>
>             "Darren Pilgrim" <dmp at> writes:
> : On a bit of a side-track, I'm wondering if it could be due to how
> : multifunction device presents itself?
> No.  You are exactly on base.  That's why I pointed at you at the usb
> information program.  Run it with the device plugged in, and we'll be
> able to know the details.

I'm not the original poster, just someone following -current for
educational purposes and because I run 5.x releases on some of my

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