Vinum status

Craig Boston craig at
Fri Aug 6 15:34:07 PDT 2004

On Fri, Aug 06, 2004 at 09:13:56PM +0200, Axel S. Gruner wrote:
> But, i ihave a question about that. I cant find a howto which describes 
> to install FreeBSD+gvinum to use the / partition.
> So, how did you do that?

I can't speak for anyone else who runs it, but the couple of times I've
built root-on-vinum systems I've found the most direct way is just doing
a manual install.

Generally, that consists of booting off of a live CD or something
similar (netboot is a possibility), partitioning the disks, setting up
vinum, and unpacking the distributions by hand.  It's not as hard as it
sounds, there are files that automate the unpacking part, and
if you're building a root-on-vinum system then knowledge of using fdisk
and bsdlabel by hand is pretty much a necessity anyway.

I mostly just install bin and crypto, which is the bare minimum for a
running system, then boot the new system under its own power and
buildworld to get the rest.  An alternate method is to buildworld on
another system beforehand, and (using a livecd) installworld over the
network onto your blank vinum setup.

Hope this helps,

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