Vinum status

Daniel Eriksson daniel_k_eriksson at
Fri Aug 6 03:52:40 PDT 2004

On the subject of gvinum status:

Has anyone tried to verify the recovery capability of gvinum for RAID-5
arrays? I recently helped a friend set up a 4 disc RAID-5 array, and the
other day he called me and wanted to know how to verify data integrity in
case of a disc problem. Since all 4 discs are SATA I suggested he would
blast data at the array (which is exported as a Samba share) and then in the
middle of that pull one of the SATA cables out.

With two other computers pushing data onto the Samba share, he pulled one of
the cables. The machine detected that the disc was gone and removed it from
the configuration. gvinum then noticed the missing disc, said it was down
and then reported the plex as degraded (which is exactly what I was
expecting). However, instead of then continuing to run in degraded mode, the
machine page-faulted. I do not have any details about this page-fault, but
if my friend is the only one with this problem I can quite easily get more
details by trying it again (this time with KDB/DDB compiled in and me at the

Has anyone else tried this? Did it work?

* ASUS P2B-DS, 2 x 700MHz P3, 1GB ECC mem
* 4 x 120GB Maxtor SATA discs hooked up to a HighPoint RocketRAID 1540
* 5-CURRENT (from 2004.08.02 I think, so after preemption was disabled)

/Daniel Eriksson

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