SiI3112a possible workaround?

Doug White dwhite at
Thu Aug 5 12:01:40 PDT 2004

On Thu, 5 Aug 2004, Jason Andresen wrote:

>   hdparm -X66 -d1 /dev/hda
>   echo "max_kb_per_request:15" > /proc/ide/hdX/settings
>   (repeat for both drives, e.g. hde and hdg).
> As I have one of these unfortunate controllers, I was wondering if it is
> possible to do something like this in FreeBSD?  sysctl doesn't seem to
> have anything and I'm not sure what to look for in the sources.  Does
> FreeBSD have any sort of analog to the above hdparm command?

'atacontrol mode' allows you to set the speeds on a per-device basis.

For the max_kb_per_request thing, thre isnt' a way to set that that I know
of, but it might be something that we could quirk in the driver.

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