[PLEASE TEST] Better support for Synaptics Touchpads

David Wolfskill david at catwhisker.org
Thu Aug 5 10:58:33 PDT 2004

>Date: Thu, 5 Aug 2004 09:12:36 +0200
>From: Philip Paeps <philip at freebsd.org>
>To: freebsd-current at freebsd.org
>Subject: [PLEASE TEST] Better support for Synaptics Touchpads
>Sender: owner-freebsd-current at freebsd.org

>Since the original synaptics support was added to psm, there have been some
>reports of malfunctions and missing magic.  I've tried to fix all that, but
>it's still work in progress.

>If you happen to own a laptop with a synaptics touchpad, please help test:

>  <http://people.freebsd.org/~philip/psm.diff>

OK; I'm running it now (and I have PSM_DEBUG set to 1 in the kernel).

>So far, I've had one report of a panic, possibly related to an extra gadget
>chained through the the touchpad.  If you're extra masochistic, and your
>laptop has one of these extra gadgets, you might like to remove the #if 0
>around line 2537 and the #endif around line 2568 of your sys/isa/psm.c.

>Please report successes and failures :-)

Nothing extra attached; no panics.  I confirm Alexandre "Sunny"
Kovalenko's results -- single touchpad tap acts as left mouse button
press/release event, but double-tap-and-drag doesn't seem to work so
well.  Double- and triple-taps themselves seem OK, though.

[My test was trying to quit from ical:  I can click on the "File" button,
but as soon as the mouse leaves the area of that button, the drop-down
menu that showed up, and that includes the "Exit" selection,

It is definitely a large step in a positive direction -- thanks!  :-)

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