gvinum resetconfig

Shaun Courtney shaun at gvmail.vine.co.za
Thu Aug 5 06:25:22 PDT 2004

Hi All,

I'm looking for some help with geom_vinum (gvinum) and the resetconf
command. I've moved some disk around but they still keep the old gvinum
configuration. i've tried resetconfig aka vinum but it just returns to
the prompt ;(

Can I dd the disk to wipe out the geom_vinum config information. I've
seup geom_vinum similar to the Robert A. Van Valzah article, except
I'm running 5.2-CURRENT as of yesterday. I have had /dev/gvinum/root;
/dev/gvinum/swap and /dev/gvinum/usr up and running.

I've also tried using vinum to resetconfig and create to try and
clear... not luck...


Shaun Courtney

Grapevine Interactive 
Research and Development
+27 82 371 2046 
+27 21 702 3333

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