[PLEASE TEST] Better support for Synaptics Touchpads

Philip Paeps philip at freebsd.org
Thu Aug 5 00:12:39 PDT 2004

Hi gang :-)

Since the original synaptics support was added to psm, there have been some
reports of malfunctions and missing magic.  I've tried to fix all that, but
it's still work in progress.

If you happen to own a laptop with a synaptics touchpad, please help test:


So far, I've had one report of a panic, possibly related to an extra gadget
chained through the the touchpad.  If you're extra masochistic, and your
laptop has one of these extra gadgets, you might like to remove the #if 0
around line 2537 and the #endif around line 2568 of your sys/isa/psm.c.

Please report successes and failures :-)

 - Philip

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