No new snapshot of 5-CURRENT anymore?

Rostislav Krasny rosti_bsd at
Wed Aug 4 06:24:04 PDT 2004

--- Will Andrews <will at> wrote:
> On Mon, Aug 02, 2004 at 06:37:09AM -0700, Rostislav Krasny wrote:
> > Could you please tell more about how are they different from the JP
> > snapshots, except the building time? IMHO the
> > should
> > mention your FTP server too. Or, are your snapshts not official?
> *shrug* Not many people use the site yet & no one has approached
> me about making them "official".  The scripts are based on the JP
> ones but have some modifications to improve them.  I should point
> out that although they build at a different time, the code (for
> each day) is the same, since they're checked out from the
> repository as of 00:00 on the day they are run.

I just tried to install 5.2-CURRENT-20040804-SESNAP snapshot using FTP
installation with floppies, but I failed. First of all, the sysinstall
have only one FTP URL of snapshots - the JP one. Secondly, it isn't
obvious what manual URL should be used. So I've tried following URLs:

No one did work and I always got the same error message about that
sysinstall can't find the '5.2-CURRENT' distribution on the FTP server.
Should it look for the '5.2-CURRENT-20040804-SESNAP' distribution
instead? It looks like a build bug. When I looked at a sniffer dump I
saw that sysinstall tried to find the '5.2-CURRENT' directory, not the
'5.2-CURRENT-20040804-SESNAP' one. Can you fix it?

IMHO adding the exact FTP URL into the sysinstall as the second
snapshots source would be a good thing. Other alternative is writing on
your site an instruction about what should be entered as the manual URL
during the FTP installation. According to the sniffer dump it is
probably the URL for i386.

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