kern.maxpipekva exceeded, please see tuning(7).

Dick Davies rasputnik at
Wed Aug 4 02:52:15 PDT 2004

* Josef Karthauser <joe at> [0818 10:18]:
> I've got a 5.2.x machine which has hung and is giving the message
> 'kern.maxpipekva exceeded, please see tuning(7)' on the console
> whenever anyone tries to open a tcp connect to it.  Does anyone
> know what this tweakable is about and what might cause it to be
> "exceeded"?  The machine has been running fine for 6 months.

It's a typo, should be:

root at eris samba3 # sysctl -a|grep kva
kern.ipc.maxpipekva: 8359936
kern.ipc.maxpipekvawired: 4177920
kern.ipc.pipekva: 262144
kern.ipc.pipekvawired: 0
vfs.buffreekvacnt: 0

- when I had this a oouple of weeks back (on 5.2 release) it was because
I'd borked my make.conf so I effectively forkbombed the box everytime I tried
to build a port .... O_o

any chance you changed something similar in your networking?
(maybe a loop in your NAT rules or something?)

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