HEADS UP: tar -l is now (intentionally) broken.

Roman Neuhauser neuhauser at chello.cz
Tue Aug 3 03:50:43 PDT 2004

# lonewolf-freebsd at earthmagic.org / 2004-08-03 19:27:53 +1000:
> As someone said, adhering to standards is a Good Thing (tm), and I think 
> it's a worthwile aim. Making this error (and yes, I do agree that it 
> should be an error, not a warning) transitional, we pave the way for 
> becoming standards compliant, while still not destroying file systems 
> nilly-willy.
> I won't claim to know what a reasonable timeframe would be, but perhaps 
> have this message in 5.3, and then change the behaviour for 5.4 or 5.5?

    AFAIK 5.3 is to be the point where 5.x becomes STABLE, and it would
    not be smart to change the behavior after that. I don't know whether
    there's still enough time for a transitional period.

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