Panic in today's current, UFS problem?

Daniel Eriksson daniel_k_eriksson at
Mon Aug 2 18:51:38 PDT 2004

Scott Long wrote:

>> What I did:
>> 1. fdisk/label two 250GB discs hooked up to the on-board SATA 
>> controller (using sysinstall) 2. copy ~20GB of data to both discs
> Is this step necessary in order to produce the panic?

I have no idea.

>> 3. successfully run the stress-test mentioned in Ville-Pertti 
>> Keinonen's mail (above)
> Is this step necessary also?

Again, no idea.

>> 4. unmount both discs
>> 5. run "atacontrol create RAID0 128 ad20 ad22" (the two SATA discs) 6. 
>> fdisk/label the striped array (using sysinstall, forcing it to UFS1) 
>> 7. mount the new partition, and create three empty dirs 8. *boom*
> How reproducable is this, and does it always panic in the same spot? 
> There is definitely some sort of buffer corruption going on, and either 
> it's happening in the buffer/cache layer or it's a bad DMA from the drive.

Considering how much problems I've had with this machine lately I would not
at all be suprised if the error is somewhere else. The machine is
unfortunately a production machine, and trying to reproduce panics (with the
risks associated with that, such as corrupted user data) is not really an

What I've done now is restart the server and run a newfs on the ataraid
array of the two SATA discs. I'm in the process of copying 400+GB of data
onto that array, and will run some more stress-tests to verify its
stability. So far (200GB into the copy-operation) everything looks good.

/Daniel Eriksson

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