panic from July 21 kernel (acpi related?)

Mike Hunter mhunter at ack.Berkeley.EDU
Mon Aug 2 17:09:12 PDT 2004

On Jul 30, "Doug White" wrote:

> On Thu, 29 Jul 2004, Mike Hunter wrote:
> > > If it has 2, try plugging each into the machine directly.
> >
> > I don't know what you mean by this.  When I've run with the external
> > keyboard and mouse, I do plug in directly (I don't have a docking
> > station.)
> >
> Plug both keyboard and mouse into the onboard ports as opposed to plugging
> the mouse into the keyboard and the keyboard into the machine.

Sorry for the misunderstanding; that's what I have always done, my
keyboard doesn't have an input.

> > I don't believe it's truly a power problem, because it works fine under
> > windows XP and knoppix linux.  I've never had it crash when plugging in a
> > USB device, and this crash seems to happen right before it wants to give
> > me the login prompt, so it seems like if it were truly a power issue I'd
> > have problems in these circumstances.
> Not necessarily, it depends on how the OS is configuring the ACPI CPU
> states. At the log prompt is a big CPU load and disk i/o spurt and it
> might drain the system enough, but linux & windows access patterns don't
> happend to draw enough juice at one point to cause the memory error.
> Otherwise it must be a chipset config issue or a quirk in the controller
> which would have to be debugged with the hardware in hand. Definitely not
> a problem that would be debuggable over email.

I did some googling for the name of the function it's crashing in and
found this guy (also owner of a dell laptop):

Looks like the same crash.  He claims it's ata+acpi related; which I can
believe; and his symptoms persisted with our without acpi disabled (true
for me too.)

My dmesg has this funny error message in it, btw

ata1-slave: FAILURE - ATAPI_IDENTIFY no interrupt
ata1-master: FAILURE - ATAPI_RESET no interrupt

Is that safe to ignore?


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