ATA driver races with interrupts

Kenneth Culver culverk at
Mon Aug 2 10:25:25 PDT 2004

Quoting Ville-Pertti Keinonen <will+freebsd-current at>:

> My previous patch makes things more reliable, but it's not good enough...
> Attached is an updated version of the patch that clears ATA_EXPECT_INTR
> earlier (in the interrupt handler), which seems to stabilize things better.
> I'm definitely not convinced of its correctness, since I'm not sure
> which part of the code is racing against interrupts despite the previous
> version of the patch, but I can no longer cause any failures.
> Repeating the problem should be trivial with an unpatched -current with
> PREEMPTION enabled and hardware similar to mine - ASUS K8V Deluxe, two
> SATA disks on the VIA 6420:
I have this exact same motherboard, but I'm using the onboard promise 
set up with 2 disks as a raid0, and I'm not having any problems with this
setup. I used the promise controller because from what I've been told, the
promise controllers are very fast in FreeBSD compared to other controllers.


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