Buildkernel+ALTQ error

Dan Cojocar dan.cojocar at
Mon Aug 2 06:00:57 PDT 2004

> Uhm, well ... attached diff should fix this, but I still think that your build
> environment is somehow defective as the required headers would be pulled in
> via the following - certainly discussable - include chain:
>  net/if.h -> _KERNEL => net/if_var.h -> altq/if_altq.h -> sys/lock.h & mutex.h
> I have to clean that up and add lock headers where needed. Can you meanwhile
> check out if that helps and/or if a #make installincludes helps? Thanks.

I just did a cvsup; make clean twice; make buildworld; make
installincludes; make buildkernel and got the same error :(
then installed you patch and make a build kernel and i got the same error :(

What else could i try?

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