tar -l versus gtar -l

David G. Lawrence dg at dglawrence.com
Mon Aug 2 00:04:52 PDT 2004

> David G. Lawrence wrote:
> >
> >   Well...the SUSv2 specification for tar may not have been the best 
> >   standard
> >to adhere to. The change of behavior for the 'l' option on create is going
> >to seriously bite a lot of people because it majorly affects what is
> >archived.
> I'm reluctant to contradict the one serious
> attempt to standardize tar simply because gtar
> ignored that effort.
> I would rather just disable the -l option entirely;
> that way, people would get an error message instead
> of having the tar program behave unexpectedly.
> Would you be happier with this behavior?
>   $ tar -cl /foo
>   Error: -l is ambiguous
>     If you want GNU tar -l, use --one-file-system instead.
>     If you want POSIX tar -l, use --link-warn instead.

   Yes. That way at least people won't accidently destroy a filesystem (like
I did) when they're trying to use tar to copy stuff.


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