boot2 -- Round 2

Jeremy Chadwick freebsd at
Sun Aug 1 09:20:57 PDT 2004

Small follow-up (useful for any others who are having issues):

1.  /boot/boot between "Box A" and "Box B" differ.  cmp -x shows
what looks almost like an endian-related problem, but only for a
small portion of boot2.  boot0 and boot1 are identical.  "medusa"
is "Box B":

medusa# cmp -x /boot/boot2 box_a_boot/boot2
00000910 0c 08
00000914 08 0c
00000920 03 01
00000922 01 03
00000923 43 41
00000924 41 43
00001bc9 01 0c

2.  Comparing /boot/boot from 5.2.1-RELEASE and the latest cvs HEAD
shows an immense amount of differences.  This is probably justified.

3.  Using /boot/boot from 5.2.1-RELEASE on "Box B" works flawlessly.
0:ad(0,a) is chosen as expected, and everything is beautiful.

4.  #3 works fine using cvs HEAD's 'disklabel' binary, so the utility
itself is likely fine.

Just wanted to throw all this out there for documentation/discussion

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