/dev/null doesn't get created

Mathieu Arnold mat at FreeBSD.org
Sun Aug 1 08:21:15 PDT 2004

+-le 01/08/2004 11:07 -0400, Derek Tattersall écrivait :
| CURRENT as of this morning dint'create /dev/null.  My previous
| CURRENT, from July 25 created it fine so all was well.Can anybody
| offer me a clue as to what this is all about?  I tried to figure out
| what causes /dev/null to get created, but was unsuccessful.

Maybe you did not read UPDATING :

	The /dev/mem, /dev/io /dev/(null/zero) devices are now modules,
	so you may wish to add them to your kernel config file. See
	GENERIC for examples.

Mathieu Arnold
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