Change default dumpdir to /usr/crash?

Thomas Quinot thomas at FreeBSD.ORG
Fri Apr 30 05:30:37 PDT 2004

* Panagiotis Astithas, 2004-04-30 :

> I was wondering (since being bitten by this occasionally) why don't we change 
> the default dumpdir in /etc/default/rc.conf to /usr/crash instead 
> of /var/crash? The default partitioning scheme in sysinstall (when you press 
> 'A') creates a /var with only 256MB, whereas it retains a huge amount of 
> space for /usr. Shouldn't we help Joe "the defaults" User have working 
> crashdumps?

The proper fix would probably be to change the default partitioning
scheme, not to move the crash dumps. I think one property we try to
guarantee is that /usr be mountable read-only through NFS for a cluster
of workstations, whereas /var is always mounted read-write, for its
purpose is to contain files whose contents *vary* over time.


    Thomas.Quinot at Cuivre.FR.EU.ORG

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