Prism54 Chipsets Supported?

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Fri Apr 30 04:18:04 PDT 2004

Sparrevohn, Thomas writes:

> It reminds me - It seems that the 80211 part of the driver does not support
> "authmode shared" mode? Are there any plans for in support of that? Or are
> that a good reason for the lack of it - e.g. legal etc?
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> Patrick Hurrelmann <outi at> writes:
>> Hi,
>> I am currently using a Dell TrueMobile 1300 (Broadcom) on my Dell 
>> Latitude D600 Notebook. Thanks to Bill Pauls awesome work it is 
>> performs very well for daily und "normal" wireless lan usage.
>> But i want to run some tools, that are only available fo wi-cards. Is 
>> Prism54-Chipset already supported? I read something that a driver for 
>> linux exists on will it make it to freebsd or is it 
>> highly unlikely?
>> Some on the lists posted, that he has replaced his card with an 
>> ath-based one. Maybe ath is an alternative to wi, but i'd relly prefer 
>> wi (802.11g or a is a must have).
> I think that the prism54 is not support. But Atheros Chips have a/b/g (They
> were the first a chipsets)
> Arne
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As far as i remember, a while ago someone pointed out that in fact authmode 
shared is less secure than open mode. So this shouldn't be much of a problem 

--Niki Denev
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