Don't recognizes Realtek 8139

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Fri Apr 30 04:09:07 PDT 2004

El vie, 30-04-2004 a las 08:22, TooManySecrets escribió:
> El jue, 29-04-2004 a las 12:11, Gavin Atkinson escribió:
> > Can you give the output of "pciconf -lv" and a verbose dmesg (the
> > of the dmesg command after selecting "Boot FreeBSD with verbose
> > from the boot menu)? If you still have linux installed on it, the
> > of "lspci -v", or the equivelent under openbsd would be very
> OK, here it is a dmesg with a "verbose boot" (with ACPI disabled at
> boot), and after the "pciconf -lv".

Well, I compiled the kernel without "SMP" and "apic", and boot with
"without ACPI" option, but no results...

I don't know what to do more. Any type of aid well will be received.

Thank you!!

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