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Frank Mayhar frank at
Thu Apr 29 17:47:01 PDT 2004

Brian Fundakowski Feldman wrote:
> Well, I implore you all to give cscope a shot.  Unlike glimpse, it's not 
> buggy ;-) and it understands C code -- something grep and glimpse don't do 
> -- so you don't generally get falses.  I believe cscope is to grep and 
> glimpse as Perforce is to CVS... and we know how much of a difference that 
> is ;)

I can echo this.  I've been using cscope for years and it's indispensable.
Conveniently, nvi supports it directly and there's now a port of kscope,
a KDE-based graphical interface to cscope, in the queue (ports/65863,
hint hint) waiting to be committed.

I'm currently working on a multilayer IPsec thing (in Linux, argh!) and
couldn't have lived without the capabilities of cscope to help me understand
the existing code.  I was _very_ happy when it became open-source.
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