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Thu Apr 29 11:58:14 PDT 2004

> Date: Thu, 29 Apr 2004 14:50:16 +0930
> From: Benjamin Close <cisbjc at>
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> Hi All,
>     I like many have suffered the battery drain of the laptop screen 
> remaining on while the system is suspended. I've created a driver that 
> allows the screen to be shutdown by DPMS provided acpi supports video 
> mode changes. Beware, this is my first kernel driver so it's nothing 
> great. Hopefully it will help someone with enough knowledge build a 
> better driver.
> It's a loadable kernel module and the only tweak required to get it 
> compiling should be in the Makefile.
> You can grab it from: 
> A URL as the list strips attachments.

YES! Thanks you!

My T30 now suspends and turns off the back-light! Oddly, using DPMS
under X with xset(1), the display blanked but the back-light stayed
on. This really turns off the whole display.

I believe that two of the remaining suspend/resume issues on my laptop
are actually PCI issues and the other is a complete mystery. (It will
only suspend once. Subsequent suspends work, but the system immediately
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