hostap TX fix in 5.x [Fwd: Re: wi hostap speed]

Brian Fundakowski Feldman green at
Thu Apr 29 08:23:33 PDT 2004

There are many possibilities as to why you get certain speeds (or fail to).  
There's the interface MTU size, RTS/CTS, WEP, whether your CPU can keep up 
with WEP in hostap mode (yes, it does software decryption), whether the card 
can keep up with WEP otherwise (yes, it can only do WEP at a slower speed 
than it's otherwise capable of), TCP/IP options on the socket/in sysctl/in 
the kernel compile, firewall differences, routing differences...

Please provide much more information.  My (slightly older) -CURRENT sees up 
to 4mbit/s with (software-WEP) or without WEP with MTU size of 1900.

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