More than 8 labels per slice

Wes Peters wes at
Wed Apr 28 10:34:04 PDT 2004

On Tuesday 27 April 2004 14:00, Matthew Dillon wrote:
> :While cramming so many OSes on the same drive was the least expensive
> :route, it does present some issues with regards to differing label
> :formats.  I didn't fully expect it to be problem-free setting up a
>     Heh.  Very cool setup.  Remember, however, that your different OS's
>     are going to have different disk performance numbers simply due to
>     where they are laid out on the disk.  Outer tracks on the disk have a
>     much higher transfer rate then inner tracks.

We do roughly the same using identical disks and removable drive trays.
That's a great way to build a multi-boot system, too.  

We also use this for our engineering prototypes of our embedded servers, 
putting a second drive slot in the development machines so you can yank the 
drive, cram it into the development system, 'atacontrol attach' the drive, 
dd and image onto it, 'atacontrol detach' the drive, and stuff it back in 
the prototype machine in a couple of minutes.


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