question about growfs, aac raid, enlarging by adding disks

Don Bowman don at
Tue Apr 27 18:10:55 PDT 2004

this is perhaps a naive question, but i
couldn't find the answer.

if i have e.g. a 3-disk raid5 using aac,
and i add another disk, can i increase the
size of the logical disk using the aac bios
(or ideally aacli), and then use growfs to
increase the size of the filesystem? Can
this be done if i obey some restrictions,
e.g. resize the last filesystem on the partition?

I would like to boot from the array, have swap
on it, and have a large partition that uses
the remainder of the space. I'm assuming i would
lay it out so that it goes root first, then
swap, then the large filesystem.

The adaptec raid bios seems to indicate i can
grow by adding a drive, but only under windows.
The manual for it has no mention of this. The
datasheet also indicates i can increase size
'on the fly'.

Does vinum enter into this? ccd? Since the raid
is done in hardware i wouldn't think so.

It would appear that i might be able to add
a disk, convince the raid to increase in size
somehow, rerun fdisk to increase the size of
my partition, rerun bsdlabel to increase the 
size of my slice, and then run growfs.

this is all on 5.2.

Anybody else ever done this?


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