More than 8 labels per slice

Harald Schmalzbauer current at
Tue Apr 27 05:10:04 PDT 2004

Am Dienstag, 27. April 2004 11:45 schrieb Alexander Leidinger:
> On Tue, 27 Apr 2004 09:06:43 +0200
> Harald Schmalzbauer <current at> wrote:
> > Dear coders,
> >
> > is there any chance that FreeBSD can adopt the OpenBSD changes reagrding
> > UFS labels? I'm using one label per jail and this old 8 label limit
> > forces me to use different slices which sometimes, when I have to change
> > label sizes, is a big handicap.
> > Having 16 labels would improove the jail-handling greatly IMHO. Having 32
> > labels (like I think NetBSD) was even greater, but lifting the 8 label
> > limit would suffice I think.
> Use vinum in the mean time. There you can have more than 32 partitions
> on one disk.

Thanks for the hint, sounds good, but I'm not familar with vinum. And for 
those who have the knwoledge and the time to read that question:
What about the hassle about vinum and GEOM? Is vinum yet reliable?
I tired it a view times (for R5) long time ago and had no success.



P.S: Sorry for the recent duplicate post, I had used the not subscribed sender 
address and didN#t know whe a moderator will pass that message.

> Bye,
> Alexander.

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