fdformat(8) doesn't work

Joerg Wunsch j at uriah.heep.sax.de
Sun Apr 25 02:40:13 PDT 2004

As Bruce Evans wrote:

> It was broken in rev.1.266 by removing the wrong half of an if-else
> clause.  I sent a patch to the maintainer a couple of weeks ago but
> have received no reply.  Meanwhile, fdc itself was broken by pci BAR
> changes.

Sorry for the non-reply.  I have only been able to setup a -current
box by last week (and this one doesn't even want to recognize the
floppy controller when ACPI is used, but at least the non-ACPI part
seems to work), but I have yet to follow all of your discussion and

I've noticed more (longer-standing) brokeness in the floppy driver
as well: the automatic creation of cloned devices stopped working
some time before FreeBSD 5.2.  I also intend to fix that.
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