Short -current changes (Mar23->Apr22) report on an IBM-T30

Hans Lambermont hans at
Sun Apr 25 01:58:03 PDT 2004

Hi, here's a recent -current changes report on an IBM-T30.
I upgraded 5.2-CURRENT from Tue Mar 23 to Thu Apr 22
Hope it is useful to someone.

Suspend/resume with ACPI now works, but:

- the psm0 mouse doesn't work anymore (moused: unable to open /dev/ums0:
  No such file or directory).

- There appears a blinking square in the upper-left corner.

- the Atheros 5211 (Dlink650 on cardbus1) doesn't work anymore: 
  (kernel: ath0: failed to allocate descriptors: 12)

- suspend leaves the lcd backlight on.

After a normal boot I get other atheros problems: If I do 'ifconfig
ath0; route add ...', it repeatedly crashes the kernel. I must add a
sleep after the ifconfig for it to work.

No change, but still not working properly:

- acpi battery status, sysctl hw.acpi does not show a battery section.
  (I get loads of 'ACPI-1303: *** Error: Method execution failed
  [\\_SB_.PCI0.LPC_.EC__.BAT0._STA] (Node 0xc2b78ec0), AE_NOT_EXIST'
  errors during boot)

And a minor other thingie: the middle mouse button under moused, with a
bios-enabled touchpad, does not work.

Hope it helps someone. Keep up the good work ;-)

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