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Max Laier max at
Sat Apr 24 05:04:48 PDT 2004

On Saturday 24 April 2004 09:51, Gregory Edigarov wrote:
> Hello!
> Does pf support an interface group definition in its filter rulesets,
> i.e. something like "ppp*" or "ppp+"?

This functionality comes with OpenBSD 3.5 which will be shipping may, 1st. We 
are working on the import already and hope to be ready by that date as well. 
The benefit of pf's group syntax and implementation of it, is that you will 
not have a fnmatch / strncmp call per packet (as is the case for ipfw at the 
moment). The group syntax will also work with on renamed interfaces, i.e. 
after "ifconfig ppp0 name wan0" pf will still apply "ppp"-rules to the wan0 
interface. We might make this behavior optional - not quite sure at the 
moment as interface renaming is a bit of a new concept and we don't have much 
experience with how it is/should be used. gives a good 
overview of the changes made during the last two releases (3.4/3.5) and also 
describes the new interface handling in some detail.

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