panic: page fault during install_ap_tramp()

Fri Apr 23 14:32:57 PDT 2004

> On Thursday 22 April 2004 08:39 am, Ian Freislich wrote:
> > Hi
> >
> > I started getting this panic from Monday this week.  The system is
> > an old gigabyte dual pentium II.  Scheduler is SCHED_BSD if that
> > makes a difference so early on in the boot.  A while back I got a
> > similar panic
> > (
> >/db/text/2004/freebsd-current/20040208.freebsd-current) Which, in summary,
> > jhb thought was as a result of a missing MADT in the ACPI whatever.  This
> > problem in the above link went away and
> > has now resurfaced after about 2 months.  I do a fresh world and
> > kernel from current sources about every two days.
> Hmm, (subject changed for the real panic).  Can you verify if a 4.x
> SMP kernel boots ok on this box?  This might be a pmap bug of some
> sort.  Peter might have a guess so I've cc'd him.

I don't know about a recent 4.x SMP kernel, but this box has run
stably on SMP kernels from 2.x days right up to 4.8(9?) when I changed to
-current a while back.  If you want me to try a recent 4.x kernel
I'll do that.


Ian Freislich

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