panic: mutex Giant not owned at src/sys/security/mac/mac_net.c:355

Simon L. Nielsen simon at
Fri Apr 23 12:24:31 PDT 2004

On 2004.04.22 18:19:03 -0400, Robert Watson wrote:

> Indeed, if_sis is showed as GIANT-LOCKED, which means the interrupt
> handler is running with Giant.  However, on re-reading your stack trace,

Ah, OK.

> it's not actually the if_sis interrupt: it's the callout/timeout that
> if_sis schedules, and it's marked as unconditionally CALLOUT_MPSAFE.  Try
> this patch:

With the patch the panic is gone, so that must be the problem.  Thanks!

Simon L. Nielsen
FreeBSD Documentation Team
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