Cardbus detection at boot time...

M. Warner Losh imp at
Thu Apr 22 17:39:36 PDT 2004

In message: <200404191232.49686.Peter_Losher at>
            Peter Losher <Peter_Losher at> writes:
: This weekend I updated to -current to use the NDIS driver w/ the WG511, 
: and although I got the card to work, I have the same boot-time issues. 
: (Guess it's a generic CardBus issue)
: Has anyone found a workaround in perhaps /boot/device.hints to 
: fix/workaround this issue?


this was lost in my mailbox until today.  This sounds like a generic
buglet in the CardBus layer that we've not seen much of.  Once I'm
sure that the pci changes I've made are stable, I plan on attacking a
number of CardBus releated issues.  I'll add this to the list and post
patches to -mobile when  I have something.


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