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Lars Eggert lars.eggert at netlab.nec.de
Thu Apr 22 13:40:32 PDT 2004

Torfinn Ingolfsen wrote:
> Quoting Lars Eggert <lars.eggert at netlab.nec.de>:
>>This is a box with a SiS chipset (see below) and this week's -current. I
>>think Torfinn had problems with those as well. Is their USB chip quirky?
> The only difference in my setup is that the machine I have (with the SiS
> chipset) runs FreeBSD 4.9-stable, not -current.
> My experience with SiS and usb is limited to -stable. So far, my conclusion is
> that the SiS USB chip is quirky. I have made the following observations:
> - if an error occurs on one of the usb ports, that port will be disabled
> - the only way to reset a disabled port is to reboot the machine

Just updated to today's -current and now no USB devices are found 
anymore. Will have to get back to this once that new issue is settled.

Lars Eggert                                     NEC Network Laboratories
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