AMR (RAID driver) 5.2.1-RELEASE-p5

Schultz, David W dws535s at
Thu Apr 22 12:17:53 PDT 2004

Hey all,

I am currently attempting to run an HP NETRAID 3SI running a four drive
array at RAID 5 totaling 200GB before RAID 5 (an AMI Chipset according
to all the documentation from HP) on a HP NETSERVER LD PRO.  FreeBSD
finds the card and can mount the logical drive, but on reboot or
shutdown the system hangs, because it attempts to flush the ram on the
RAID card and fails.  The kernel comes up with a polling command failed,
destroying GEOM and then freezes.  There is no way to disable the
hardware flush which flushes every 10 seconds.  Are there any
suggestions on how to fix this problem or work around it?  

Thanks a bunch,


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