[ndis] [locking] intel 2100 3b

jason kawaja kawaja at ece.ufl.edu
Thu Apr 22 05:40:48 PDT 2004

On Thu, 22 Apr 2004, sebastian ssmoller wrote:

> did a cvsup today - still doesnt work (locks up immediately after i
> brought up the iface) :(

im actually having *general* success with the recent changes to project
evil.  i did manage to leave my x31 online from 11:00pm last night till
7:00am this morning (connected to wireless and downloading/compiling
kde3 all night).

however, when i got on the machine and started to browse web sites with
lynx it did lock up on me;interestingly enough (this time) is that the
wireless light on my x31 was still flikering every 5-10 seconds, but
system was locked.  so i guess there is still something wrong but it
appears to be less of an issue with me.  still required a hard boot to

wish i had a way of showing (as in debug info) what i am seeing.

Jason Kawaja

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