ASUS P4P800 doesn't reboot

Gavin Atkinson gavin.atkinson at
Wed Apr 21 10:08:53 PDT 2004

On Wed, 2004-04-21 at 01:11, Elliot Finley wrote:
> I have several systems using the ASUS P4P800 MB.  When I issue a 'reboot',
> they shut down cleanly.  They then stop after the 'uptime' line and hang.
> If I remember correctly, this started happening between 5.2-R and 5.2.1-R.
> I have a test box that I can take down at any time.  I just need some
> guidance on how to troubleshoot this.

Is this a SCSI based machine? I'm trying to solve this same problem on a
machine I have with an Adaptec 7899 SCSI card and a Mylex 352 raid card
- and have found mine to be hanging while shutting down the SCSI
subsystem. How long have you left it to reboot before giving up waiting?
Can you apply the attached patch and see what messages are given on
shutdown? Also, it is possible that this patch will change things for
you - there are two things that the SCSI shutdown routine can hang on
that will now time out after a few minutes with the patch. Patch is
against top-of-tree -CURRENT. It's worth applying even if you don'y use
SCSI because it adds a few printf's to other places too.

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