Serverworks LE acd access hangs.

Geoff Buckingham geoffb at
Wed Apr 21 09:23:33 PDT 2004

booting a 5.2.1 kernel and mfsroot from CD on an IBM x342 works fine, with
acpi disabled, however when I try to mount the iso9660 fs the system hangs :-(

Looking through the archives I have come across several reports of problems
with ServerWorks LE pentium IIIs (including my own issues with a dl360)
and the new ata code.

Have fixes/workarounds been introduced since 5.2.1 that would make trying
HEAD worthwile?

I am about to try explicitly disabling atapi dma (although man page states it
is off by default) Is atapi dma still disabled by default? I ask as the
boot in safe mode from beastie.4th explicitley disables it.

Can I force current to run on only one CPU if so is this likely to help?


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