updating a Athlon XP 2200 signal 4's everywhere

edwinculp edwinculp at prodigy.net.mx
Tue Apr 20 16:11:06 PDT 2004

> You said the magic word: Athlon.  Check your CPU
> temperatures!

Brian, thank you for your reply.  I've been monitoring the
cpu for the last hour or so and it hasn't gone over 120
degrees F. and stayed under 40 degrees C.  That is much less
than I expected.

It's a really strange problem that I hope to solve with new
release from today's sources and a clean install.  The cd
from sunday's sources seems to work fine but won't install
and also doesn't fix the problem as an upgrade.  To add
insult to injury, I don't remember ever having a signal 4
problem.  I'm thinking that I did something with/to the
libraries without realizing it.

Thanks again,


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