A way to recover deleted files (just contents) from USF2

Brad Knowles brad.knowles at skynet.be
Tue Apr 20 09:53:21 PDT 2004

At 3:08 PM +0200 2004/04/20, Daniel Lang wrote:

>>  That's kinda silly. Unless files are backed up at every edit then most of
>>  us only have periodic filesystem backups. Lets say I just download a 150M
>>  file and then accidentally delete it. Rather than wasting time and bandwidth
>>  downloading again it'd be simpler to just 'unrm' it. Odds are that diskspace
>>  and even inode haven't been recycled yet.

	[ ... deletia ... ]

>  simple solution:
>  alias rm="rm -i"

	We recently discussed this subject on FreeBSD-Chat.  Please see 
the thread including my message at 

	In short: been there, done that -- fifteen years ago. [0]

	There are major problems with this concept which need to be 
solved in different ways.

[0]  Not the twenty that I had originally claimed, due to my faulty memory.

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