kernel panic on boot with SysKonnect Card using 5.2.1 generic

Russell Sutherland russ at
Tue Apr 20 09:21:54 PDT 2004

After installation and first boot from the disk based GENERIC kernel,
a panic occurs when the sk0 skc0 driver is loaded and the machine
(Dell PowerEdge 2650) contains a newer model (SK-9843 V2.0) fibre
1000Base SX SysKonnect card.

The problem goes away when one:

        1. Removes the card
        2. Rebuilds the kernel without the sk0 driver and then place the
           card back in the machine.

This is a serious problem. Could someone:

        a. remove the sk driver from the GENERIC kernel
        b. fix the sk0 driver so that this problem does not
           occur with the SK-9843 V2.0 1000BaseSX cards.

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