A way to recover deleted files (just contents) from USF2

Daniel Lang dl at leo.org
Tue Apr 20 06:20:06 PDT 2004


Steve Ames wrote on Tue, Apr 20, 2004 at 07:50:25AM -0500:
> That's kinda silly. Unless files are backed up at every edit then most of
> us only have periodic filesystem backups. Lets say I just download a 150M
> file and then accidentally delete it. Rather than wasting time and bandwidth
> downloading again it'd be simpler to just 'unrm' it. Odds are that diskspace
> and even inode haven't been recycled yet.

simple solution:

alias rm="rm -i"

more advanced solution (sketch, chokes on options, 
but you get the idea):

function rm { 
	for arg in $@
		mv $arg .todel.$arg

function unrm {
	for arg in $@
		mv .todel.$arg $arg

untested, not recommended, but who really needs something like
this, can easily implement it.

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