A way to recover deleted files (just contents) from USF2

Andrey Smirnov smir at delit.net
Tue Apr 20 06:16:15 PDT 2004

Brad Knowles wrote:
> At 7:50 AM -0500 2004/04/20, Steve Ames wrote:
>>  That's kinda silly. Unless files are backed up at every edit then 
>> most of
>>  us only have periodic filesystem backups. Lets say I just download a 
>> 150M
>>  file and then accidentally delete it. Rather than wasting time and 
>> bandwidth
>>  downloading again it'd be simpler to just 'unrm' it. Odds are that 
>> diskspace
>>  and even inode haven't been recycled yet.
>     Well, if you can't get ffsrecov to work, there's always Wietse 
> Venema's "The Coroner's Toolkit", which includes "unrm" and "lazarus" 
> tools.  See <http://www.porcupine.org/forensics/tct.html>.
>     Of course, these kinds of things are never guaranteed to work, and 
> if you have to install them on top of the filesystem you're trying to 
> recover then odds are you're wiping out the very inodes you want to try 
> to save.
I've got ffsrecov to work in several hours of fixing it up to work with 
UFS2. But actually it can do nothing with deleted files - their inodes 
are all zeroes, excluding uid/gid, which is less important to me....
Seems like everything is lost... ;-((((

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