A way to recover deleted files (just contents) from USF2

Andrey Smirnov smir at delit.net
Tue Apr 20 06:04:30 PDT 2004

Steve Ames wrote:
> That's kinda silly. Unless files are backed up at every edit then most of
> us only have periodic filesystem backups. Lets say I just download a 150M
> file and then accidentally delete it. Rather than wasting time and bandwidth
> downloading again it'd be simpler to just 'unrm' it. Odds are that diskspace
> and even inode haven't been recycled yet.
> Mind you such an option takes some of the breathtaking fun of working 
> without a net away from your shell session but hey... sometimes you
> actually do need the airbag.
> We all know we need backups. We've all had that one time when we goofed
> and didn't have the backup. This guy was just wondering if there was a
> tool available (for ufs2) that would save him some time. A lesson in
> good backup practices might be useful for next time but doesn't really
> help him now.
> (BTW: I have no good answer for recovering the file :)

I've done some resarch now, just to make sure:
after last reference to inode is lost, i.e. file is deleted,
almost all information in that inode about the file is lost?
(size, blocks, etc.)?
I've got it from source code & some testing, but it would be great if 
there was a way to recover that info...


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