RFC: ported NetBSD if_bridge

Roman Kurakin rik at cronyx.ru
Mon Apr 19 02:56:00 PDT 2004

Gleb Smirnoff wrote:

>On Sat, Apr 17, 2004 at 12:10:44AM -0700, Julian Elischer wrote:
>J> Do we need THREE bridging systems?
>J> If you need features you culd probably add them pretty easily to one or
>J> the other of the existing bridging modules..
>  Why having three alternatives is bad?  We do have ipfw/ipf/pf and everyone
>is happy. We do have ppp/pppd/ng_ppp (the latter is useless without mpd) and
You've forgotten about sppp/ng_sppp (for sync adapters) :-)


>many people use all of them.
>  The above question is not about bridges, but it is more general.

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