an driver lockup with linux-mozilla

Jake Khuon khuon at NEEBU.Net
Fri Apr 16 10:45:57 PDT 2004

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BFF> "Jake Khuon" <khuon at NEEBU.Net> wrote:
BFF> > This is hard to debug but it seems to be reproducable.  I get a hard lockup
BFF> > of the machine when I'm running the latest nightly build of linux-mozilla
BFF> > (1.7a) and accessing a webpage with a large amount of images.  This doesn't
BFF> > seem to happen with the native mozilla.  Whatever it is, it happens so
BFF> > quickly that I get no kernel debug or warning messages at all.  Any ideas on
BFF> > how I might go about further debugging?
BFF> Are you still experiencing this?  The best way to go about debugging this 
BFF> would probably be seeing what happens if you run it remotely to another
BFF> X server using another machine and leaving the -CURRENT one at the console.

Yes, I'm still seeing this.  This seems t be related to bad an driver
support for the Cisco 350MPI card in general.  I'm running an older firmware
which seems to be unstable.  The WindowsXP driver sometimes gets locked up
too.  I can't upgrade to a newer firmware because the an driver support
isn't there.  I tried the remote display session but don't seem to get any
debugging messages (or anything at all) when the system locks up.  It must
be a pretty hard crash.

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