portsupgrade and XFree86-4.4.0

Tilman Linneweh tilman+2004-04-16 at arved.at
Fri Apr 16 05:31:57 PDT 2004

* Anthony Wood [Do, 15 Apr 2004 at 16:52 GMT]:
>> > relatively new to FreeBSD I'm running a bleeding edge CVS installation with
>> > XFree-4.4.0 binaries installed (damn radeon support is missing in version
>> > 4.3.0) over the existing 4.3.0.
>> Just use XFree86-4-Server-snap instead of XFree86-4-Server.
>> My radeon works perfectly well with the snap server port.
> Mine does not, and I have the same question about 4.4.0.  I would of course
> prefer for the port to be upgraded to 4.4.0 and for -snap to be upgraded
> to

Dejan Lesjak prepared ports for 4.4.0 but they still need more testing.


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