GDB broken?

Philip Paeps philip at
Fri Apr 16 00:24:19 PDT 2004

On 2004-04-16 14:47:29 (+0930), Daniel O'Connor <doconnor at> wrote:
> I was helping someone test patches in -current and got a crash dump, but GDB
> doesn't like reading it..

I've also seen this happen a few times in the past.

> [inchoate 14:45] /var/crash >sudo gdb -k /boot/kernel/kernel /var/crash/vmcore.1
> GNU gdb 5.2.1 (FreeBSD)

Did you make that core by calling doadump, or by calling panic in the
debugger?  I found that GDB will happily eat plain panic cores, but doesn't
appear to like doadump cores.  I've only tested with two corefiles though, so
I might be wrong.  Anyone else care to test?

 - Philip

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